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Home Remedies for Natural Weight Loss


Home Remedies for Natural Weight Loss

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There are many natural ways for weight loss . Before starting to know about the natural ways to cut down the excess weight, you should know the main causes of weight gain.

The listed below are some science-backed methods that help you naturally  with weight loss without any side effects.

1. Water:

Drinking plenty of water will help to boost up your metabolism with a process called water – induced thermogenesis (body burns calories to heat up to body’s temperature whenever you drink 1 glass of cold or room temperature water).

The intake of 500 ml of water will raise the metabolic rate by 30% in both men and women and also the effect was continued for an hour. Drinking 1 glass of water before every meal will help you to satiety and thus makes you not to get tempted to overeat.

It is proved in many studies that drinking water before each meal will increase the satisfaction and fullness and thereby decreased hunger. So, regular follow-up of this process will help you when it comes to weight loss.

2. Consume Fiber:

Fiber resists digestion by humans. There are two main types of fiber like soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber travels into the large intestine and gets converted into fatty acids and energy with the help of bacteria. This fiber dissolves in the liquid and other types of viscous gel in your gut that slows down the emptying process of the stomach and makes you feel full for the prolonged time.

Insoluble fiber passes through the gut without breaking down and adds bulk to the food without adding any calories.

In a study conducted on people on a calorie – controlled diet, the intake of 14 gms of extra fiber per day will increase the feeling of fullness and reduces subsequent hungry along with 10% decrease in calories consumed and aids in reducing obesity.

Here are the best sources of soluble fiber which you have to include more in your daily diet.

  • Barley, rye, and oats
  • Pectin-rich fruits like apples, oranges, and plums
  • Root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes,  etc.
  • Legumes like kidney beans, lentils, and soybeans.

Method to use Fiber for Weight Loss:

Include more of fiber content in your daily diet like taking all the above method fiber sources. You can also consume an unpeeled piece of any citrus fruit, you can zest the rind and use it in your cooking. Avoid removing the fibrous membrane surrounding the fruit segments.

3. Green Tea:

Green tea is enriched with antioxidants called catechins and caffeine that help to increase the metabolism and thereby aids in weight loss. They also boost the hormone norepinephrine levels that makes the fat cells to release the stored fat into the bloodstream and use it as your energy.

The amount of catechins in the cup of green tea will vary on the ratio of tea to water, a precise type of the tea, and the infusion period. For best results, drinks 2 cups of green tea per day for 3 months to reduce the waist circumference, body weight, and intra – abdominal fat.

Method to use Green Tea for Weight Loss:

Always use a good branded green tea (loose – leaf) and bring 1cup of water to a boil. Pour it over the leaves placed in a mug. Wait for 5 – 7 minutes to infuse the leaves in water and strain it. Drink this green tea to get rid of the excess weight. A cup of green tea contains around 180 mg of catechins.


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