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What Makes Your Hair Grow Faster? These 10 Things

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Below i’m going to share with you some tips that will help you if you are in the same situation as I was or if you just want to grow your hair longer.

Firstly, you must know that genetics is responsible for the rate at which your hair  grows. Usually it grows between a quarter to half an inch each month.

 It’s important to note also that not all hair types are the same or reacts the same way.

However, to help increase the growth rate, add health, thickness and sheen, you can put in a little extra work to give it a boost so read on for some ideas to grow longer, faster and luscious hair:

1. The condition has to be right

Your hair should always be kept in good condition, especially when growing it or you’ll end up cutting your locks off again because of split ends. Using hair masks is a great way to protect your hair and keep it looking wonderful.

Here’s an efficient and extremely great hair mask that not only aids with faster hair growth but makes it shinier, healthier and more beautiful: in a small bowl mix – a tablespoon of honey, one egg yolk, one tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin preferably or linen oil) and then add a tablespoon of Cognac or Vodka.

Gently but thoroughly massage the mixture into the roots of your hair then smooth it down the length. Cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap it with a towel then leave it for 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes are up you can wash and condition your hair as usual. You’ll be amazed at the great results, especially if you repeat this mask once per week or two times per month.

If an egg mask isn’t appealing to you, not to worry, you can replace it with a sweet almond oil, honey and coconut oil hair mask.

Just mix these ingredients together all equally proportioned, warm it slightly in a pot and then massage it into your hair. Let it stay in your hair for 30 minutes before washing it out.

This natural hair treatment is wonderful for nourishing and rejuvenating your hair, making it glossier and shinier while it grow hair faster.

2. Want to grow your hair faster? Eat more protein!

Our external beauty efforts such as sophisticated hair masks and massages are important but we all know diet is the most important thing of all when it comes to our bodies/hair.

Therefore, if you want to get thick and beautiful locks then take more interest in what you eat! Did you know that food makes a huge difference in how fast your hair actually grows?

Protein is the building block on which hair growth takes place. It is literally what hair is made from so the more protein you eat, the quicker your hair will grow, stronger and healthier.

Going forward try to include in your balanced diet eggs, fish, nuts, red meats, chickens etc… Your hair will certainly show it’s appreciate!


Brush through your hair daily for 1 – 2 minutes if you have free tresses and if you are an African-American  with thicker, denser and coarser hair, just make sure to detangle your hair as often as possible, massaging the scalp to stimulate blood circulation.

Make sure to do this gently so your natural oils can spread evenly throughout your hair.

Healthy blood circulation in your head is vital for hair follicles to function efficiently and produce healthy new hair so push and move the skin on your head around for a minute or two every time you wash your hair. The vital to grow hair faster.


Never forcefully brush or comb out your hair when it is wet because this will cause damage and breakage to your locks.

We wouldn’t want that now do we?

I mean, that would just defeat the purpose of all our hard work. Instead, use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush to gently comb through easily and pain free.



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