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Glossy & Matte Nail Art Design

Glossy & Matte Nail Art Design


Glossy & Matte Nail Art Design

When you want to play with contrasts, try to make such an amazing manicure. A bit of glossy and matte polish and your fancy manicure is ready to rock.

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– nail top coat;
– nail matte polish;
– adhesive tape.

Directions: Start by applying the nail base coat. After drying, paint your nails using the matte polish. Wait for the paint to dry, then apply a strip of adhesive tape at an angle of 45 °, on each nail. Cover the tips of the nails with  nail top coat. Do not wait for the complete drying to remove the tape. Do it carefully at the middle of the time. Now, your glossy- matte manicure is ready. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: ooohshinies.


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